Our Fundraising Efforts

Over the past 15 years, Mary Wallace has been working and fighting alone for the freedom of her son, Vern Braswell.

Her love for her community, the Black community, has also pushed her to work tirelessly and to volunteer her efforts and meager resources to the creation and day to day operation of our organization.

During that time, a behemoth sized movement has grown around us that encompasses:

- Voting rights & electoral empowerment,

- Defining, articulating, and advancing solutions to critical issues facing the Black community, 

- Addressing the systemic racial injustices & inequalities in the criminal justice system from initial contact with law enforcement until release.

As bad as she wants to continue to give her all to the fight for Vern's cause as well as these other grave needs in our community, she physically cannot keep it up. .

In September she' turned 80 years old and she has a laundry list of ailments that are growing as she continues to age. In the middle of a pandemic, it would not be wise for her to work in her same capacity.

Our growth coupled with the invaluable loss of Ms. Wallace's assistance,  had led to our need for staffing and funding.

To help us you can send contributions

- via PayPal to info@afmfm.org 

- via CashApp  $AFewMins4Millennials

If you have a service or a skill which can assist us, please contact us to discuss how you can help.

Every little bit helps

You CAN fill a 50 gallon drum using a teardropper!