How one of Vern's Black lawyers got blackballed by a White led DA's office and run out of business and out of town because she fought for Braswell

His family has been fighting the obvious racism in Vern's case for years!

Implies the reason why the injustices in Vern's case aren't as publicized is because Vern is a Black man.

Vern’s prosecutor is flippant about the discovery of withheld evidence.

Harvard Law discusses Vern's case and rates his prosecutor one of the worst in America for violating defendants' rights.

The moment when two lawyers discovered the hidden evidence in Vern case, how prosecutors continued to hide it, and the White defendants who got relief on their cases when Vern was refused relief.

New York Times article mentioned Vern's case when the same prosecutor hides evidence of innocence in another case.

Mentioned Vern's case when the same prosecutor hid information and committed misconduct in another case. Case overturned 20 years later in federal court