Our New Show Critical Issues Examines the Most Critical Issues Facing Millennials.

How Does Demcast Help Organizations?

How the Student Loan System is Crushing


Lori Coleman from DemCast: Why Millennials won't Survive without an Adequate Living Wage.

One of the most pertinent portions of Lori's interview deals with Trump, the Courts, & Health Care. A must see!

In this clip Lori explains how the Obama years showed us why merely electing a Democratic President just isn't enough.

Lori Coleman from DemCast tells A Few Minutes For Millennials her Top 3 Issues Facing Millennials during her Interview on Critical Issues with TT Lani.

@TNDP chair @MaryMancini takes A Few Minutes For Millennials to explain:

The role of the @TNDP, Candidate Support, and Her Role as the TNDP Chair.


to help us present your issues to candidates & office holders, please provide the three most critical issues facing millennials in order of importance.