Think it Vote it

Change it

The primary goal of ThinkVoteChange. org is to empower and educate Black millennial voters by ensuring that the election process becomes a fluid servant of their needs.

We will accomplish this by using technology to combine the following:

Accurate Information

We subscribe to the notion that FACTUAL knowledge is POWER!

We believe the cornerstone of being empowered is being educated with accurate information.

- My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) is true y'all!!!

Convenient Access to the Power of the Ballot

We believe that our basic human rights as Americans should NOT be inconvenient to access.

For those seeking to utilize the voting process to improve their lives or to solve their problems, the process should NOT become a problem that one has to additionally solve on the way to solving the initial problem.

We Need Your Involvement

We have developed solutions to the aforementioned but we need help in bringing our concepts to fruition.

To join us in helping the disenfranchised to Think it, Vote it, & Change it, please contact us at or @ThinkVoteChange 

You can also Donate A Dolla (or few) via PayPal:

Cash App: $AfmfmOrg

To see our current organizational needs and fundraising goals visit Our Fundraising Goals

Though we be but small...we're fierce!