creates media productions that serve the needs and foster the advancement of Black millennials by defining and articulating the common critical issues facing Black millennials via dialogue with leaders from various spheres of influence.

We also develop incentive based events to promote participation in the electoral process.

Media Productions

It all started with our Emoji Shows, A Few Minutes For Millennials (which covered the impeachment), and #CRITICALISSUES.

Now we have developed and written four different shows designed to serve a plethora of needs for Black millennials that include business, education, politics, sports,and entertainment.

Incentive Based Events

We have developed and designed a wide array of events to incentivize and to provide positive reinforcement for Black millennials that embrace and participate in the electoral process.

If You Have TV, Film, or Video Experience, We Need Your Involvement

We have developed several productions that can be found on our YouTube Channel.

We need help with the production of the additional shows we've written and the events we've designed.

To help us with our content designed to serve a plethora of needs for Black millennials, contact us at or at @BlackissuesOrg

You can also Donate A Dolla (or few) via PayPal:

Cash App: $AfmfmOrg

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Our Fundraising Goals

Though we be but small...we're fierce!