The olfactory perception of the missing sealed manila envelope

is not pleasant.

- quote from Braswell v. State of Tennessee

by Judge John Everette Willams

Court of Criminal Appeals


READ My Son Vern Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer: 3 Ways to Help

"Cancer for a Black Man

On the streets of Tennessee during a pandemic, Can be a critical situation...

Cancer for any Black Man

In the prisons of Tennessee during a pandemic, Can be a death sentence..."

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Vern Braswell was wrongfully convicted of second degree murder and repeatedly denied justice by an all-White conglomerate of elected court officials and judges who either hid and destroyed evidence of his innocence or sat silently by and watched as it was done.

Vern was charged with the death of his wife after they engaged in erotic asphyxia (choking) during sex. She was alive, although not feeling well, when it was over and eventually died that night while in their Jacuzzi tub after more complaining about not feeling well.

Despite his wife Shelia having:

• A WOMAN'S DNA under her fingernails when she died & NONE OF VERN'S DNA,

• no bruises or scratches,

• very old acrylic nails that were all intact and undisturbed,

• multiple huge decorative body piercings in various intimate locations that were undistrubed and,

• no defensive or fight marks anywhere on her body...

...prosecutors claimed the Braswells got into a physical fight in the middle of the night while they were naked that culminated in her death.

• Vern also had no marks, scratches, or fight wounds anywhere on his body.

  • Some of the best evidence for Vern completely vanished from the official "secured" court records, this resulted in Vern being stuck with his sentence.
  • A new evidence witness was located who witnessed the Braswells engaging in erotic asphyxia because she participated in intimate acts with them. The all-White judges said it didn't matter.
  • A sealed envelope of hidden evidence about Vern was discovered in the "secured" prosecutor's file and when ordered to produce it to see what helpful evidence it contained, it completely vanished also. The same judges said it didn't matter.
  • A young Black female attorney who discovered yet more mysteriously vanishing evidence, spoke out about it and was allegedly blackballed by the DA's office, forced to shut down her practice and leave town.
  • The prosecutors had knowledge of another intimate partner of the Braswells but hid evidence of their knowledge of this from Vern's lawyers. The same judges said it didn't matter. 
  • Another Black lawyer was informed that his potential testimony for Vern could lead to unfair charges against him by the DA's office so he "held back" during his testimony about the Braswell injustices. Again, it didn't matter.
  • This was just the tip of the racial injustice iceberg...


The all-White judicial alliance also simultaneously granted relief and new trials to White defendants with similar cases that had fewer inconsistencies and less trial errors than Braswell.


... earned a doctorate in Biblical Counseling 

... helped scores of young men earn their G.E.D.

... worked diligently to take advantage of mental wellness therapies offered

... began developing prison reform proposals and policies that will address the State of Tennessee Task Force areas of need 

... began developing prison reform proposals that will increase inmates' success upon release and would save the State millions of dollars.


... a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,

... a member of Black Scholars Unlimited (college), 

... a member of Kappa Delta Pi Professional Educ. Honor Society 

... a member of Prince Hall Masons

... a local prison ministry activist (weekly)

... a state level prison activist coordinator (quarterly)

... the creator & operator of a Hotels & Homes network for homeless students and their families

... the creator of volunteer disaster relief fundraisers for tornado victims in TN

... the creator of fallen officer fundraising events

... the creator of murder victims' family fundraising events

... an educational activist in rural poor White and urban poor Black communities

... the creator of a Black college students to Black elem. students program (tutoring and mentoring)

... a Saturday School volunteer (tutoring)

... an educator who worked his way up from a teacher assistant to assistant principal

... a graduate with a bachelor in education, master in leadership & policy studies

... a licensed educator

... a licensed administrator

... an assistant and a leader for national field trips for White kids, Black kids, city kids, & country kids.

... a co-creator of a grants program for hundreds of schools in America for committing to recycling.



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If Tennessee would have had Black Defendants Matters policies in place which guarantee...

 - Fair and Equitable Treatment for ALL

 - Uncompromising Transparency, and

 - Uncompromising Accountabiliy 

throughout the ENTIRE criminal justice system,

...Braswell would not have been repeatedly violated by the Tennessee Criminal Court System.

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As You Read Our Articles

You'll Discover There Are

Two Justice Systems.

One Black

One White

Very Unequal

Why? Why? Why?

- Why did some of a Black Defendant's Best Evidence Vanish and
White Judges Let it Slide... 

Tennessee's Catch Me If You (In) Just-Us System 

- Vern Braswell was prosecuted by an all White team of prosecutors. His attorney finds a sealed envelope of suppressed evidence in the prosecutor's "secured" files that says DO NOT SHOW TO THE DEFENSE.  Then the envelope mysteriously disappears. An all White panel of Judges say Braswell's attorney should have done a better job of catching the all White team of prosecutors redhanded before the evidence they initially concealed eventually vanished. Don‘t believe us? Read It and see for yourself!

TN White Courts Version of Black Justice (Press Version w/ Citations) 

Read how justice is dealt to a Black defendant by all White prosecutors and judges in Tennessee when there is zero accountability. Citations included because you wouldn’t believe it if we didn‘t include them! 

(Amplifiers) TN White Courts Version of Black Justice

This version is for amplifiers. You can quote, share, print. post. or tweet this version when you amplify the systemic racial injustice of the Braswell case using your platform. 

Twenty TweetAble Takes From the Vern Braswell case  

 - We are providing amplifiers with a bag of 20 bite sized Ready-to-Tweet nuggets from the Braswell case for your posting pleasure (hashtags included). 

Please post or tweet one-a-day to keep attention on the systemic injustice in the Braswell case. COMING SOON



Vern Braswell Verzuz the White Cases

Round One: Lots of Errors

- Read how the all White TN Criminal Appeals Court treated a White erotic asphyxia defendant verzuz a Black erotic asphyxia defendant with way more trial errors and mistakes. Guess which one got the relief. 


Vern Braswell Verzuz the White Cases

Round Two: Lawyer Errors

 - This time the all White TN Appeals Court gave a White defendant (who stabbed their spouse in the back) relief because their trial attorney made a mistake, but the Court refused to help a Black defendant who's attorney made the identical mistake plus many more mistakes

 Vern Braswell Verzuz the White Cases

Round Three: Jury Deliberations   

 - The same TN Court gave relief to a White defendant based on how the jury deliberated, but refused to give relief to a Black defendant even though his jury deliberated exactly the same way and indicated he was probably more innocent than the White defendant. 

Vern Braswell Verzuz White Cases

Round 4 Hiding Evidence of Innocence, (Bonus Round) 

 - Braswell's White prosecutor withheld evidence of innocence in the case of a White defendant and eventually gave the evidence to the White defendant's lawyer. When the same prosecutor withheld evidence in the Black defendant's case, she refused to give it to his lawyers. The all White Judges and the TN lawyer board refused to do anything about the prosecutor in the Black case.  

Vern Braswell Verzuz White Cases

Round 5 Witness Intimidation 

 - Braswell's same prosecutor intimidated a Black expert witness to prevent him from testifying in a White defendant's case, the all White judges gave the defendant relief (in part) because of the prosecutor's actions. The same issue was egregious in the Braswell case but the courts refused to give Braswell relief.

Evidence of Innocence?

NO! Says the TN All-White Judges' Club.

 - Take a look at all of the newly discovered evidence of innocence that was presented before the Tennessee all White Judges Club and why it didn't make sense when they said a witness with first hand testimony did not matter for a Black defendant. 

Harvard Law:

Braswell's Prosecutor is the Worst of the Worst Prosecutors

 - Harvard Law School uses Vern Braswell's case as justification for why his prosecutor, Amy Weirich, is one of the worst prosecutors in America when it comes to misconduct in the publication by The Fair Punishment Project. 


Vern Braswell's Original Trial Lawyer

Why was Vern Braswell's original trial attorney disbarred? Why did one of the Judges find him credible in Braswell's case right after she caught him testifying "inconsistent with the facts"? 

ATTENTION: Investigative Reporters, Scholars, and Sleuths. Can You Solve the Sealed Envelope Case?

 - We supply the documents, you supply the wits. Do you have what it takes to solve the case of the missing sealed envelope bearing the prosecutor's initials? Who lied and what did they hide?

The Colin Kaepernick of the Criminal Justice System: Senior Judge Gilbert S. Merritt

 - “This set of falsehoods is typical of the conduct of the Memphis D.A’s office during this period.” 

- Senior Justice Gilbert S. Merritt from Owens v. Guida 549 F.3d 399, 425 (6lh Cir.2008), 

He is honest and courageous enough to point out that the Memphis prosecutors were typical liars. So why did a judge with arguably the greatest amount of integrity in the entire criminal justice system get passed over for a seat at the law of the land? Sometimes sacrifice, integrity, and being ostracized go hand in hand. 

My Son Vern Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer: 3 Ways to Help

Cancer for a Black Man
On the streets of Tennessee during a pandemic, Can be a critical situation...
Cancer for any Black Man
In the prisons of Tennessee during a pandemic, Can be a death sentence...

Why Vern's Cancer Diagnosis is so Devastating 

Vern has earned a doctorate degree while incarcerated  and wants to use his degrees to develop prison reform proposals.

 (For Donors)  How to Slave Whip a Black Community Activist 

 - Vern Braswell dedicated over 15 years of extensive community service in both Black and White communities. Dozens of Memphians wrote in and made the courts aware of this until all of the documentation  and evidence of this totally vanished from the official court records. This head shaking article about abandonment, betrayal, and corruption will have you as angry as a police brutality video.

The Court of All White Judges' that Silently Supervised the Braswell Injustice. 

Vern Braswell lets us look through his eyes as he appeared before all White judges on his journey through the Tennessee Criminal (In)"Just Us" System, including when he first realized that in the eyes of the courts he was just a n*gg*r. COMING SOON

Her Hate & The Sex Business Hit Squad 

 - Why did Braswell's prosecutor take a "win at any cost" attitude in the Braswell case? Perhaps going back to her big loss when she was a "lieutenant" on the sex business hit sqaud will provide some insight into the source of her deep seeded hate hate.  COMING SOON

Vern Braswell's Clemency Petition  

We take a look at Vern Braswell's Clemency Application and the reasonswhy he's petitioning the Governor for a commutation. COMING SOON

Vern Braswell's Genesis Joseph Approach to Prison Reform 

Vern Braswell draws on his education, work history, and lessons learned from his incarceration to develop a prison reform approach which will solve most of long standing ills of incarceration and recidivism. Will the State of Tennessee listen to his wisdom on the subject? COMING SOON

An Interview...  

 - Vern Braswell answers our questions to provide insight and a bird's eye view of traversing the criminal justice system as a Black man. Why did he open up with the closing arguments from A Time to Kill?  COMING SOON


Please show your support for Vern being granted a Clemency release because of the injustices in his case, his cancer diagnosis, my poor health, and so he can continue working on his prison reform proposals and prison reform research. CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL to the Governor of Tennessee in support of a clemency request to commute Vern's remaining 4 1/2 year to home confinement. THE EMAIL will go to TN's Gov Lee & the Clemency Unit.

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Mary (Vern's mom)

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